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RPG UPDATE — A Tale of Two Tombs 

Tomb of HorrorsScott's latest design projects for Wizards of the Coast are two different reimagings of the Tomb of Horrors — the deadliest dungeon crawl in the history of the D&D game. The first version (written with the excellent Ari Marmell) is the second D&D 4th Edition hardcover super-adventure, built around the plots of the demilich Acererak, continuing the story shaped in Bruce Cordell's Return to the Tomb of Horrors for 2nd Edition AD&D, and encompassing the final fate of the most legendary dungeon in the world.

Tomb of Horrors(The dark power of Acererak cuts down adventurers and adventure designers with equal ease. A bit of an addendum to cover text that went missing from Chapter Two of the adventure can be found here. As well, thumbnail updates to some of the maps in the Shadow Tomb can be found here.)

The second version of the Tomb of Horrors is Scott's straight-ahead update and revision of the original AD&D adventure module by Gary Gygax. This special adventure was available only to DM Rewards members of the RPGA, with copies initially selling for $50 and up on eBay.

(For a sense of why this translation of the original Tomb for a new generation of players was a dream job for Scott, read the author's note.)


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