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RPG UPDATE — The Hidden Halls of Hazakor

The Hidden Halls of Hazakor — Every Young Hero Needs Somewhere to Start

The Hidden Halls of Hazakor is a fully illustrated, 64+ page starter adventure for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons — and written with a special focus on young,
beginning Dungeon Masters.

Created by designer and editor Scott Fitzgerald Gray, The Hidden Halls of Hazakor is a perfect introduction to classic dungeon-crawl adventuring for young DMs of ages 12 and up. In a friendly and straightforward fashion, it demonstrates some of the ways a good fantasy RPG adventure can be put together, and talks about some of the tricks and knowledge that all good DMs learn through the experience of running games — but which aren't always instinctive for a young player sitting in the DM's chair for the first time.

This adventure builds on the rules and information presented in the D&D core rulebooks and the D&D Starter Set, and on the first-time DM's experience of having previously been a player in the game. A beginning DM running the adventure will learn to think about the ways in which the story can go in different directions based on what the characters do — and how to not be scared when it does. They'll practice bringing NPCs to life by way of interesting quirks, to help the players engage with and remember them. They'll get tips on running fun combat sessions, building from an initial slate of simple, single-foe encounters to more complex fights. And they'll learn to use humor as a tool to make the game interesting and memorable, especially for other younger players.

The adventure's approach to humor fits perfectly with the work of artist and comic creator Jackie Musto, whose full-color illustrations will bring The Hidden Halls of Hazakor
to life. (And for those who'd like the young gamer in their life immortalized as their very own RPG hero, Jackie will be doing a limited number of original illustrations as part of the Kickstarter campaign's "Eternal Hero!" reward tier.)

In the vein of many classic starter scenarios, the adventure features a fully detailed local keep, where the characters meet and learn of the legendary lost ruins in the nearby
wilderness. Those ruins then present a classic dungeon crawl in nine parts, featuring fifty different areas to explore, fun physical puzzles and daunting traps, a host of classic monstrous foes — including not one but two dragons — and other challenges that will bring the characters to 5th level… assuming they survive the threats
of Hazakor's lost halls.

For more information, download the full press release, check out the project Kickstarter, or contact Scott on any of the following:

• Email: insaneangel@insaneangel.com
• Facebook: sfgray
• Twitter: @scottfgray





Scott Fitzgerald Gray (9th-level layabout, vindictive neutral) started gaming in high school and has worked as a writer and editor much of the time since then. After belatedly realizing he could combine both vocations in 2004, he’s been making up for lost time as a freelance RPG editor and designer, thus finally giving him the job he really wanted when he was 16.